New flats in Visp

Welcome to the new Mileija building in Visp

Fill up on fresh energy for you and your family: in the new Mileija building, modern living and a contemporary demand for sustainable energy production and energy control come together. You live in harmony with your environment.

5.5 room flat - Mileija Visp5.5 room flat - Mileija Visp

5.5 room flat - Mileija Visp

This is what Mileija stands for

The new building Mileija meets your needs - completely!


Where is Mileija

Mileija is located in the quiet neighbourhood of Visp West, well connected and shot.
Mondstrasse 6a/b, 3930 Visp



How Mileija lives

Milieija is alive thanks to a wide range of 2.5 to 5.5 room flats. Singles, couples and families find their home here.



What Mileija offers

The new building Milieija convinces with a modern room concept and contemporary building services.


Modern building services for you

Energy for your life

The new building Mileija convinces with modern building services and homely rooms. The ceilings of the flats have a high-quality finish and are also visually impressive thanks to modern exposed concrete ceilings.

Solar energy

The solar system on the roof of both buildings produces energy in harmony with your environment. Thanks to a sophisticated system, you use this "green electricity" at local rates. Billing is based on consumption.

Minergie certificate

The Minergie standard of the houses ensures a high quality of living. Underfloor heating provides all rooms with pleasant temperatures. The comfort ventilation per flat ensures a pleasant indoor climate. Thanks to the high level of thermal insulation, the heat loss of the flats is at a technically very low level.

Rent flats

Enjoy quality of life

Here you will find the overview of the flats. In addition to the spacious flats, you can also rent indoor and outdoor parking spaces for vehicles and motorbikes. Hobby rooms are also available.


Mondstrasse 6a

Flats House A


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Register and enjoy the unique living comfort in the new Mileija building from 1 April 2024. We will be happy to advise you.

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